Pleasure of

Pleasures, hormones and body connection.

A few years ago, when I ended my relationship with my partner, I was heartbroken. I couldn't be a lover in a relationship because my body stiffened in intimate situations. I suffered from constant "women problems" and fights over lack of intimacy escalated into break-ups. "I'm going to study tantra!" I decided, because my whole insides were screaming in a chain of stagnation. I wanted to be free.

I was able to make this choice because I had started studying breathing and trauma relief and the teachers at the school were familiar with these subjects. This decision turned into a 6-year journey across many different cultures. I wanted to know how to make friends with my body again and how others do it.

What impressed me the most on this challenging yet mind-blowing journey was the realisation that our subconscious and nervous systems work in a very similar way to nature. Struggle and surrender, growing stronger and weaker, doing and watching, the elements within and around us, etc.

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Thousands of hours of yoga and releasing breathing showed me that even though the days are not brothers, there are means to free yourself from the shackles of the mind and come back into the body. Summing up the many teachings, I came to the conclusion that at my core I am a pleasure. Just as everything in nature avoids suffering and does everything to be enjoyable, there is a life force in me that can get out of suffering. Or even create pleasure from suffering?

Inspired by all of this, we recorded a session on how to find that alge from the inner world. In this practice, we come out of the "doing" and relax into being. The interconnectedness of breathing, movement and voice can quiet the mind so that we can feel more of our body and be present in the moment.


.. practice is good done alone or with a partner. It’s ideal, for example, to take a moment before falling asleep in bed, when it’s already time to turn off your mind.


..take a moment to come to the centre within ourselves, we can be more fully present to our companion. Practicing alone, you can keep all that energy of pleasure to yourself.

Completely.. is normal to feel different emotions when you enter a session. Resistance, anticipation, anger, joy, sadness or elation – whatever you feel, allow yourself to express it, because allowing yourself to feel emotions releases hormones in the body that can be enjoyed through this practice.


..if you feel that your thoughts are not stopping, then know that this is also normal, because the brain is like a muscle that gradually builds up its capacity with consistent meditation.

On your back..

..and listening to the instructions, you can immediately start breathing with your mouth open, feet on the floor or on the bed, knees up, heels hip-width apart and eyes closed.


NB! Find a rhythm that works for you by doing the push-ups with belly and chest breathing. This means that you should see whether you feel better when you inhale or exhale the heel.

Download the Activation of Pleasure Snooze. Price 5 €