Liberative breathing and body-based therapy.
A feeling of calm and balance in your nervous system.

Imagine a world where you can breathe peacefully through challenges. Where past events have made you a better person and a sense of gratitude for life fills your senses.

Did you know that our body has a memory that stores raw information? Tensions that have been suppressed in the past can manifest in new situations as negative emotions or physical illness.

Licensed trauma release therapist and breathwork facilitator Elina Kadaja Elina Kadaja

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Humanity has always experienced stress and trauma. All human beings carry tensions. A feeling of freedom, emotional balance and new breathing will enhance the quality of life!

Download this soft guided breathing retreat and get a personal experience.

What does this therapy look like?

Each session is different and develops according to the client's needs. We use psychocatalysis, subconscious drawing tests and conversation to find the potential root cause of the problem.
Then, being in touch with emotions and physical sensations, we immerse ourselves in a pleasant rhythm of breathing. I support you with relaxing guidance and pleasant music, chosen precisely to deal with your problem.
During the 90-minute journey, you will experience pressure point massage, nervous system balancing, and deep insights that will help you find solutions to everyday challenges.

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