Trauma relief therapist Elina Kadaja: “Emotionality is a strength, but in the business world it is a weakness.”


Trauma relief therapist Elina Kadaja: “Emotionality is a strength, but in the business world it is a weakness.”

Saaremaa-born Elina Kadaja’s career in the business world has followed a Tallinn-Alabama-Kopenhaagen-Los Angeles-Iraq trajectory, all before the age of 30. years of age. Hundreds of kilometres cycled, nights slept on an air mattress, endless challenges, luxurious lifestyles, loss of zest for life and finally finding his own path and turning to shamanism.

Elina says of herself that there is a very good girl inside her who will never let her give up. In tough moments, he listened to motivational speakers from morning till night and confirmed that pressure makes diamonds. He decided to celebrate his 20th birthday. early years, pay what it costs to realise the dream of moving to America. All his money was stolen on the way from Miami to Los Angeles. Elina was helped by an elderly man she met on a flight, who, hearing her story, slipped fifty dollars into her pocket. With the last ten dollars, Elina bought a train ticket for her first day at work.

However, because the application for a work visa took so long, the young girl soon had to return to Estonia while looking for a new job in the United States that would help her get a work visa. An offer also came from the US. Specifically from a construction consultancy firm, but the workplace was in Iraq. Elina’s position also involved extensive travel to China, where she saw what consumer culture and frenzied production really means.

The big pay cheques came with the big job cuts. At one point, his life was very opulent – five-star hotels, expensive clothes, the best restaurants – but his soul longed for a home by the sea in Saaremaa. But he wasn’t let back in Iraq that easily.

What was the ultimatum that brought Elina back home to Estonia, what led her to study in Ecuador and what is trauma release therapy? You can hear all this in the pocket voice.