About me

Elina, a certified breathing and trauma relief therapist.

Elina Kadaja

After high school, I studied entrepreneurship and business management, and worked for many years as a sales and team leader. I was deeply interested in increasing efficiency and applying sales psychology. I sold books in America and helped set up a manufacturing plant in Iraq.

In a year and a half, I had gone from being the first employee in the company to the young person responsible for the day-to-day work of 60 people. Agarus, however, proved to be insidious, and I realise that I have been the victim of malicious manipulation. I was hurting myself badly and burnt out until I decided to take responsibility for my life and start working on my health.

I learned..

.. and practiced over 1000 hours of yoga philosophy, liberating breathing, meditative therapies, trauma release techniques, connective tissue release, bodywork, hypnosis and psychology. I learned that the nervous system is a subconscious force that acts from the top of the pyramid on the whole system that follows it.


…means that if a person suffers from, for example, inadequacy, shame or other toxic feelings, they will reflect this in their communication to those around them.


..lies mostly in the behavioural patterns learned in childhood and in the social system, where the expression of “negative” emotions means unhealthy behaviour.


…I have always enjoyed sharing my discoveries with my loved ones, then I also helped my friends who needed help with their inner world.

Willing to..

..was a lot, and when a business leader with over 20 million followers said I helped him shift his focus from an uneasy sense of inadequacy to compassion (resulting in a significant increase in the quality of his output), I knew I was ready.


..support others who want to be in better health for themselves and those around them. At the age of 25, when I found my calling to be a therapist, I asked myself why it was important to me and what benefits I could bring to society. I wanted to support people who are under a lot of stress.

I saw,..

.. that burnout is an epidemic that can affect not only students and parents, but all people who want to be valuable members of society.


...it seems to me that happiness is a moral obligation. How we feel and express ourselves affects the environment around us. The brain, the nervous system and the body are like an antenna through which we receive and transmit signals. It's loving to care for yourself and those close to you.