Elina’s Success Techniques: success = the courage to share your superpowers


Elina’s Success Techniques: success = the courage to share your superpowers

We are born to learn to know and use our personal superpowers.

The whole world is full of superheroes. I see powerful people who are able to create a time travel effect with their voice. Every time I listen to Mari Jürjens’ “Paradise”, I feel like I’m back in the countryside, relaxing with family and friends at my grandfather’s boathouse. Right now, 15-20 people are playing drums around the campfire next to me. This noise shakes all of us in this house to vibrate in exactly the same rhythm. Superheroes who have joined forces guide us into an altered state of consciousness as we let the rhythms carry us. A dancing superhero on stage, who, in addition to moving, sings and breathes deeply, is able to raise energies, bringing much beauty to the eyes of all who watch him.

I’m in Guatemala, in San Marcos, a village on Lake Atitlan, considered by many to be the hub of Mother Earth. I came to South and Central America to learn from healers’ experiences and to share my own superpowers. Before coming here, I studied tantra yoga at a shamanistic school in Ecuador, where I will continue my studies in January.

The basic knowledge to improve our quality of life is an understanding of our energetic bodies. Today, we open up the world of energy centres, or chakras, to become aware of your superpowers.

Why you’re


You’ve probably noticed that people around us are becoming more and more aware. All sorts of spiritual topics and self-development are dealt with.

Have you ever wondered why you live? Why do you have consciousness and free will? Why were you born? What does it mean for you to be aware? What do you want to get from awareness?

We are often afraid to become who we want to be.

We avoid becoming aware because we are afraid of our own power. We sabotage our own journey because we lack the confidence and security that if we are truly doing what our souls most enjoy, that our basic needs will be met.

Often we don’t even believe that our souls have a purpose and a meaning here. Sometimes we think that our souls have come here just to earn a living from morning till night and then watch TV at night. That is, until you leave the body and it’s all over.

Becoming aware means understanding why people and events have come into our lives in the order and intensity in which we experience them.

An informed person can see the forest behind the trees and get explanations. Life becomes rational and explainable. A conscious person can live in mystery without feeling threatened or thinking that life is full of unanswered prayers or punishments. A conscious person sees life’s events unfolding for his benefit, not his suffering. How life is meant to empower, not subjugate. A conscious person is happy because love flows out of his cells.

Being conscious changes us at the cellular level.

If you take the cells apart under the microscope, you can see that everything is a vibrating collection of denser and more subtle energies, or a collection of more solid and less solid particles held together by an invisible gap. This gap is conscious because every second it performs complex cellular-level reproducing operations. Just as a fetus in the body considers its mother to be a god, the energy of the cell to which it belongs is considered a god by the body. She is counting on your grace, food and care. The same invisible energy reacts to the energy that comes into contact with it. Just like a child will get sick if surrounded by negativity, or start to create if they have a loving, safe and supportive environment. By treating every cell of our body with love and gratitude, we charge ourselves with a source of energy that brings us closer to our own truth and the courage to express it.

Unlike the physical body, the soul is both an embodiment of infinity and timelessness.

Intuitive people and healers see the body as a less developed system and the soul as a highly complex system that senses emotions and energies from all the other energy bodies around it. The health of the soul affects the health of the physical body and vice versa.

Scientists have also discovered that everything is energy. Every thought and feeling is an embodiment of an energetic network. Every thought, memory and inspiration affects our entire biological functioning. Our souls are a highly complex system that reaches so far into infinity that our minds cannot yet grasp it.

What is the difference between a chair and

on love?

The more densely vibrational the energy, the more solid its physical embodiment, and the more subtle the energy, the less perceptible it is to us through the five senses we know daily.

The chair is dense with energy, but love is gentle. Both energies produce different sensations and chemical reactions when they come into contact with our bodies.

When you add energy to a subtle energy, such as a thought, it becomes a physical object. For example, if I think about writing a book every day and lovingly energise the thought through action, at some point I have the book in my hand and the gentle energy of thought has become a physical, dense energy that can be felt by others through the five senses. Or from great love a child is born through deeds.

We were born to learn about our superpowers and start using them. In the kitchen, two heroes of vitality and enjoyment with walnut skin and pearly teeth. Fish tacos and guacamole immediately arrive on my table, thanks to the amazing intuition and love of women. Definitely still my favourite routes between the continents.

Do you believe that there is something in all of us that gives us satisfaction, love, but also passion?

Some are very passionate about their family, others are super good artists but can’t get their head around the idea of children.

Heroes build us houses, teach us e-science, make our lives better, share what’s going on in society, cure us of illness, sort our minds, help us find the best shoes or devote their energy to giving us a café to share food and life experiences with a friend.

The best manifestation of superpower is to invest energy with love.

Love is our essence, and when we are in touch with our essence, the gifts we have been given can manifest most naturally. The opposite of love is fear, and we start to experience it from birth. We get our first belly flop when our basic knowledge that we are one with everything (our mother) is ripped from us by a umbilical cord. Depending on the practices, a series of traumas follow, shocking our developing nervous system, blocking our energy centres full of love at full capacity and forcing us to be dependent on the environment, robbing us of a significant sense of security.

As we acquire different experiences in childhood, we move further and further away from our core purpose and forget, along with most of our childhood memories, why we came here in the first place.

Becoming aware means seeing life events through a symbolic prism.

If we take things literally, we perceive them only through the five senses. So let’s think through the perspective that only what I see exists. Then we interpret what happens at work or what someone says directly and we lose our power. Very rarely can what happens to us be taken directly. Everything happens for a reason and is a lesson for us and a way of experiencing ourselves. When we see beyond the scope of our limited senses, we realise that everything in life happens for a reason and for our benefit.

Different belief systems talk about energy systems, which, by gaining control, we reach “heaven”.

If we neglect our souls and do not pay attention to our spiritual health, our life becomes a pit of suffering, or hell. However, if we use our free will and the power of manifestation through thought control, we can channel our energies and create a heaven on earth. Seen in this way, everyone is either a god, the blacksmith of his own fortune, or his own worst enemy. The demons that drag us to hell are the negative thoughts and environments we have forgotten ourselves in as victims. In order to create our own heaven on earth, we have the opportunity to create a balance in our energy body through our choices and then bring it into the physical world.


I put together a 21-day plan in the “Successful Lifestyle” handbook, which has helped me many times to make my initially unbelievable dreams come true. Write to me at and I’ll send the calendar book to the nearest parcel machine, or you can pick it up yourself (€28).

It’s important to take responsibility for using your energies and channeling them into action. No one else in our lives has the ability or the obligation to make us happy. Happiness is when love flows from the inside out, and to cultivate unconditional love, one must become aware.

Anatomy of the Soul – 7 energetic databases located in our biological energy body, the aura.

There are thousands of energy channels in our body called nadi. At the intersections of the nadi are energy centres or chakras. In the following articles, we will look at the seven most researched energy centres. Find out how they affect our physical and mental well-being. How to put them to work for you and how they can help you discover your superpowers.

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